International Presence.

GEKA Worldwide.

GEKA Worldwide.

Knowledge and worldwide market presence are two of the main features that GEKA has used since its origins.
Thanks to the great experience and background acquired, GEKA nowadays
  • Exports more that 80% of its production.
  • Has a reliable and wide sales network with more than 60 distributors worldwide.
  • Offers the best After Sales and Maintenance Service where it is required.

Currently, more than 90.000 GEKA machines are working worldwide in the 5 continents which are fully satisfying client’s requirements.

60 distributors, 90 countries.

And many customers satisfied with GEKA.


Industrial surroundings

GEKA is located in the north of Spain, an area known for its tradition of industry relating to the metal sector.

More than 90% of Spanish companies working in the machine tool sector are located within this geographical area.

The importance of the surrounding machine tool sector, heavy industry and the automotive industry (6th international manufacturer), gives rise to numerous highly specialised, ancillary companies.

The competitiveness of these companies, together with GEKA’s know-how, means that the quality to price ratio of their products cannot be beaten.

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