At Geka, our goal is to bring our punching machines to our customers, wherever they are. In order to achieve this, we provide our distributors with a range of tools which enable them to carry out live demonstrations of Geka ironworkers. We want our customers and people interested in processing materials using Geka hydraulic or CNC punching machines to see the full potential of the machinery with their own eyes, and then assess for themselves whether Geka ironworkers are among the best machines for processing metals and thick plates.

One of the tools that helps us achieve this goal is the Demo Truck. Can’t come to our facilities to see our machinery in action? That’s no problem, we’ll come to you. Some of our distributors already have the necessary infrastructure to bring our ironworkers to your facilities. Don’t hesitate to consult your nearest distributor.

Live demonstrations of Geka Ironworkers

We want you to see our hydraulic and CNC punching machines in action. We can come to your factory or, if you’re already a customer, to any event you’re setting up to raise awareness of your product. Show your customers how you make your products. It’s an opportunity to get closer to your customers, build trust and position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Geka demonstration trucks

Ideal for live demonstrations of Geka CNC machinery. These Demo Trucks are ideal for demonstrations of our range of punching machines and solutions aimed at processing of sheet metal, angles or beams. They can also support first-hand viewing of the Geka feeders and positioners that facilitate the manufacturing process.

Geka demonstration vans

The larger vans are great for demonstrations of our hydraulic punching machines. Our demonstration vans are ideal for transporting 2-cylinder punches like the Hydracrop series along with our punching machines, unique on the market.

Geka demonstration trailers

Finally, we have the trailers.Easily towed by any car and suitable for transporting Geka’s smaller but no less important machines. Our 1-cylinder punching machines: Microcrop, Minicrop and Multicrop. If you’re interested, we encourage you to take a look at them on our website.

If you’re a Geka distributor and would like to start offering live demonstrations, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and marketing team. We will be happy to advise you on how you could get your own Demo Truck.

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