This March, we want to tell you about an accessory that makes production easier and more profitable. It is also the solution to a very common problem, which is the deformation of flat bar during punching.  Introducing the neoprene hold-down for Geka ironworkers.


The Neoprene hold-down is a special device installed in the punching station of Geka ironworkers.

It is used to prevent deformation caused during the process of punching narrow flat bar. When we punch narrow flat bar with closely spaced, large diameter holes, the flat bar tends to become deformed. The neoprene hold-down secures the flat bar during the punching process to prevent this deformation.

The neoprene hold-down accessory for Geka hydraulic ironworkers is designed to keep the material flat while it is perforated to keep it from becoming deformed.

It is a mechanical unit consisting of a steel clamp and two neoprene supports. When punching, the clamp rests on the part and the neoprene supports apply pressure to it. The force of this compression is applied directly to the part being punched, keeping it from being deformed.

There are standard neoprene hold-downs for each model of  ironworker. We can also design custom neoprene hold-downs for special applications at clients’ request.

The neoprene hold-down can be bought along with the machine or retrofitted on existing machines at client facilities.

The hold-down is automated. During the punch’s downward stroke, the neoprene hold-down also descends, presses against the part and holds it down during the punching operation. When the punch moves upward, the neoprene hold-down raises up, releasing the part.

Generally, all ironworker users that punch narrow flat bar and flat parts in general that tend to become deformed during the punching processes. That is why we recommend using the neoprene hold-down as a perfect solution for preventing deformation.

The Geka neoprene hold-downs are designed and manufactured according to applicable European safety standards.

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