In its desire for continuous improvement, the GEKA Group – in this case specifically its CNC department – has decided to update an iconic element of its CNC angle processing line. We’re talking about the Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL.

This is a small, highly versatile CNC angle processing machine that allows numerous angles to be cut and punched automatically.

This is a unique solution, offering great value for money, that GEKA Group is introducing into its automated CNC angle processing line.

Automated punching and angle cutting

The Gamma Roller 80 C2PL offers a fully automated solution to your punching and angle cutting needs in a single process for all angle profiles. As a result, the final product is obtained in a single step, already cut and punched, considerably increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time as reducing costs and obtaining competitive advantage.

More affordable high-volume processing of angle profiles

GEKA Group offers this affordable solution for fully automated punching and cutting of angles to meet the needs of customers who want to process high volumes of angle profiles quickly and cost-effectively. Builders of metal structures, such as towers for electric transmission lines, telecommunications or high voltage towers, cranes, solar panel supports, supports for overhead railway power lines, as well as any structure that requires a high volume of angle profiles, will regard our Gamma Roller 80 C2PL solution as a valuable partner in their business.

The Gamma Roller 80 C2PL can process angles up to 80x80x8 mm and up to 12 meters and has a double punching station with 2 punches (1 for each wing of the angle) that offers great versatility.

Fast feeder unit

The fast feeder unit, with servomotor drive wheel and independent encoder measurement, together with our precise CNC control, allows us to process angles at up to 34 operations per minute depending on the process.

Use of all the material

The angle cutting unit has quick and easy access for changing blades. Although it is a waste-free angle cutting unit, it can be equipped with a CNC-controlled total material utilization system which ensures material waste will be zero or as close to zero as possible.

Optional automatic angle feeder

Optional peripherals for the Gamma Roller 80 C2PL include a CNC-controlled automatic angle feeder of up to 12 meters, which will help load the angles into the feeder unit and further increase the productivity of the angle processing line.

If you have any questions about our Gamma Roller 80 C2PL, or would like further details, please contact your local distributor or our sales department and we will be happy to assist you.

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