Special fold with rollers to make U shape for plate metal.

Special fold with rollers to make U shape for plate metal.

One of the services we offer at Geka is the creation of bespoke accessories and tools for our hydraulic punching tool, after taking into account our customers’ needs. This is possible due to the continuous innovation and updating of or technical department, which is made up of highly qualified professionals.

Many are bespoke items we have made to date, which we would like to showcase for you to learn about the full range of options the Geka punching shears can offer.

Bespoke accessories and tools for our hydraulic punching machines

In 2014 at the MACH 2014 BIRMINGHAM trade show, a customer came to our stand with a specific issue.

He needed something that would make a U shape fold on a 200x5mm piece of plate metal. He worked in the building and steel barn manufacturing industry for the agricultural, industrial and farming industries...these U shape items were vital for roof finishes.


Plegado especial con rodillo giratorios para punzonadora hidráulica


After our conversation, the technical department got to work after receiving the information from the customer.


1 - Sample of the Bent Part Right that should fit in the interior section of the Bent Part Wrong.

2 - Diagram of the part to be manufactured (Geka tooling).

3 - Diagram of the part and where it has to fit (Geka quitter detail).


The technical department's findings were that the part could be made, and the ideal ironworker to do it was the Bendicrop 85 SD. The Bendicrop 85 SD was the ideal machine because it allowed 200 x 12 mm plates to be bent, which was just what the customer needed.

The development steps for this bespoke tool were:


 -Accessory design

- Mechanisation

- Assembly

- Adjustments

- Tests to prove the objective had been reached


Accesorio creado a medida para punzonadora plegadora

The end result was a special accessory that bent both of the plate's wings at the same time. This accessory comes with a special bending tool adapted to the Bendicrop 85 punching shear station, which when lowered, rests on the two rollers mounted on a special base, where the part is bent on both sides simultaneously.




Thanks to this bespoke accessory, the client can now produce his part in one go instead of a 2 part process. This helped to reduce the production process thanks to the smaller production time and costs, and because of this, it means the product is more competitive.

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