Angle iron hold down for Geka ironworkers

Angle iron hold down for Geka ironworkers



This month we are featuring a hydraulic hold-down (instead of mechanical one) for cutting angle iron with Geka ironworkers.

The hydraulic hold-down accessory for angle iron quick and easy to use. The accessory makes it easier to hold the angle iron securely to keep it from moving when cutting, allowing you to make quicker and higher quality cuts.

Angle iron hold down for ironworkers


The new version of the angle iron hold-down offered by Geka was designed in collaboration with our USA distributor, Comeq.


What does it do?

The angle iron hold-down installed in the punching machine secures the angle iron while cutting to keep it from moving, which would affect the quality of the cut. This accessory allows you to cut with maximum quality and precision.




How is it built?

This optional accessory consists of four parts machined or mounted at Geka with a specific duty

1.- Mechanical unit + 2.- hydraulic cylinder + 3.- hydraulic unit. + 4 Electrical System

This tool is tailor-made for Geka punching/shearing machines and should be installed in the angle iron cutting station. It should also be emphasized that it needs to be bought with the machine, since it requires a unique frame, electrical system and hydraulic unit for the machine. This means that machines that are already installed cannot be fitted after the fact with the accessory.

Angel Iron hold down for Geka ironworkers 


How do you use the hydraulic hold-down?

The hold-down is very easy to use. It is activated using the shearing pedal. Follow these steps to use it:

1.- Step on the pedal.

2.- The material is held down hydraulically.

3.- Cut the material.

4. The blade holder retracts

5. The material is released

 Angle iron hold down for ironworkers


What machines can be fitted with the hold-down?

The hydraulic hold-down for cutting angle iron is designed for the Hydracrop 80, 110, 165 and 220 hydraulic ironworkers.

Universal Hydracrop ironworkers have two independent hydraulic cylinders and five workstations. This machinery is ideal for punching, notching, shearing L-shaped profiles, cutting plates and cutting bars.

The hydraulic angle iron hold-down works flawlessly with that machinery, and together they offer maximum quality and precision.


 This accessory is especially designed for clients who very frequently cut angle irons as part of their production.



Do not hesitate to contact our sales department if you would like more information about the accessory or to get a quote.


NOTE: The ability to miter Angles to 45 degree is lost

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